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What is JDCC?

JDC Central

JDC Central is Central Canada’s largest business competition, bringing together over 700 delegates from Canadian business schools from Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes . JDC Central 2015 will be hosted from January 30 to February 1, 2015 at the Hilton Toronto, Ontario. JDC Central is Canada’s fastest growing business student competition. In 2014 there was nearly 700 competitors from 15 major business schools, making JDC Central one of the most prestigious business competitions in Canada.

JDC Central is a three day event that showcases academics, athletics, social spirit, and charity. Delegates will compete in academic case competitions, parliamentary style debates, sports tournaments and social competitions. The event lets students showcase all aspects of university life from school spirit and determination, to academic skills and teamwork. The team that performs the best overall will take home the prestigious “School of the Year” title.

About JDCC


Academic cases pit teams of three students from each university against each other. Each team is given three hours to solve a business case and build a presentation of their recommendations. The teams have to solve the case with limited resources; One laptop, and no connection to the outside world. Students are forced to utilize their creativity, and academic training to solve complex problems. Industry experts act as judges to determine the feasibility and value of each team’s proposal. Academic disciplines include: Entrepreneurship, MIS, Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Strategy.


Athletic competitions lets students show their physical prowess in the sporting arena. Each university puts together a team of athletes that spend months preparing for two different sporting tournaments. During the competition they play in ladder style tournaments against other universities vying for the top spot. The sports for JDC Central vary from year to year. Students show the true meaning of teamwork, and strategy through these tournaments.


Social teams have to prepare for fun, and often outlandish events that see them compete in scavenger hunts, relay races, or dance-offs. The social competitions test students’ abilities in ways that no academic based test can. Teams of four students must prepare costumes and routines with very limited information well in advance of the competition. They are on call at every hour during the competition and never know when, or where a challenge might start. Through these challenges students show their dedication and their passion in a truly unique environment.


Debate illustrates the logic and reasoning of students in a parliamentary style debate. Teams of four students find out debate topics as they enter the room, and are forced to think on their feet. Teams must represent the side of the debate they are given and present their arguments in a strict format for a panel of judges. Students are able to challenge the arguments of their competing peers in what frequently becomes heated debates on the world’s toughest current issues. Students show their knowledge on current issues, and utilize their expert presentation skills to eloquently word their positions.